Hope Deferred

The sky seems far away
as if a dome
from which the clouds are hung;
A colander through which
the heavens shine
and showers fall.
Then as we gaze it holds our wonder,
fuels our dreams;
our tiny lives
held captive in the seeming
endlessness of space.
But when you give permission
for the rain to touch you
with its cool embrace
the sky feels near,
the clouds no longer there - but here.
With willing flesh
And heart replete
A thousand miles these feet
Would walk in searing heat
These heavy eyes
Would gladly gaze
Upon the sun's relentless
incandescent rays
But heroes faint
For lack of hope
When lesser mortals less prepared
Would somehow cope
The flesh finds strength
From scraps and spills
And breaks out of its boundaries
When the spirit wills
But flesh's
anaerobic burst
Will face the hearts inertia
When it fears the worst
The spirit hides
Behind the skirts
Of fixed primordial paradigms
And ancient hurts
The heart made strong
With longings stirred
grows weak with dreams betrayed
And hopes deferred



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Chris Price

Chris Price


Singer, musician, writer, artist and thinker struggling to make sense of our dangerously dysfunctional society but infatuated with Morecambe Bay & it’s sunsets