I've read the article I critiqued. I can't find another where you detail Israel's sins. How do you define 'evil' and would the woman killing the man in his sleep count as self defence?

In Operation Guardian of the Walls Hamas fired rockets in response to Israeli forces storming Al Aqsa. Technically that was a war crime because they fired the rockets into a residential area but what options do the Palestinians have?

I'm sure many Gazans would love to be rid of Hamas as Palestinians in the West Bank have little time for the PA but at least Hamas are on their side though I have no illusions that Hamas are doing it out of the goodness of their heart.

I also struggle with "Today, millions of Israelis have been born in Israel, and it is as much Israeli land as those born on Palestinian land are Palestinians". Most settlers have come from Europe and USA. The Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah have had their homes and land stolen twice.

It's not so much the details I'm debating as the overall thrust of your article which I feel misses the point. I don't see how this makes me intellectually lazy.

Singer, musician, writer, artist and thinker struggling to make sense of our dangerously dysfunctional society but infatuated with Morecambe Bay & it’s sunsets

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