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The Nuseirat massacre

Chris Price
4 min readJun 9, 2024
Photo by Emad El Byed on Unsplash

Yet another attrocity we can’t get our heads around (like we’ve not been here before). It seems to me one of our biggest obstacles is that great ball of inertia known as the narrative. I spend a fair bit of time on here arguing the toss on issues that shouldn’t need explaining. October 7th didn’t need the T’s crossed. For Obama it was a catastrophe while the aftermath was just that. We shouldn’t have to do days of research to identify what happened in the Nuseirat market massacre, covering all our bases. Over 100 children were slaughtered in a planned attack. That’s the bottom line.

The pier that we knew was being constructed for nefarious reasons was part of this operation. It’s been the only effective operation from the pier. No one can claim the pier was necessary in terms of humantarian aid. Everyone knows that the simplest, most sensible and obvious option was to open the land crossings into Israel. Even if you needed convincing from this angle you still need to be highly sceptical of the USA pushing USAID which we all know is a ploy to give a little to extract a lot.

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Max Blumenthal put’s it really well

Some of us predicted months ago…



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