That you 'believe' this to be a truth suggests it is relative. I believe there is absolute truth but we are looking from the inside out so we are not objective. Unfortunately your truths are not fundamental, rather they are derivative. That's fine but it means you can't reliably use them to build an informed world-view.

It seems to me you've fallen into the trap the conspiracy theorists have fallen into and you can't counter their world-view with your own truths. It seems to me that you can only come to a version of the truth through triangulation, i.e. checking one fact/truth with another. By the scientific method you can't call something truth if it can't be proved false.

As a Christian of many years I've come to realise that religious beliefs are, in themselves, unreliable and that they need to be tested to destruction before you depend on them. The problem with fundamentalism (where these conspiracy theories come from) is that it's pseudo-scientific. It claims to be radical (i.e. at the root) and so cannot be challenged.

If you claim to know the one truth you've fallen into the same trap.

Singer, musician, writer, artist and thinker struggling to make sense of our dangerously dysfunctional society but infatuated with Morecambe Bay & it’s sunsets

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