The Fan Takes Centre Stage

Chris Price
3 min readApr 5, 2020


Day 14

It’s getting hard to concentrate and stay focused. My idea of avoiding getting bogged down in politics yesterday was always doomed to failure and even though everyone knew what the outcome of Labour’s leadership election was going to be, all that was missing was the shock factor.

The COVID-19 crisis has been as if there were a series of terrorist attacks but unlike the adrenaline rush that reports of a bomb or stabbing induces, it has more of a numbing effect. If the war on terror injected fear into society this crisis has slipped it into our coffee. Instead of it being an external threat it has gradually been normalised as we change our everyday behaviour because of it. Its only normal in that its a constant state of anxiety — chronic stress — which is decidedly unhealthy.

There is always hope but don’t expect to find it where you last looked

We are very bad at collating information and coming to a conclusion based on a summation of the evidence but much better at swallowing the most easily digestible version of it. No one knows if this government will be held to account for its lack of preparedness, lack of leadership and misinformation or if it will be able to monopolise on everyone’s dire need to return to some kind of normality and brush all the dirt under the carpet.*

It will likely not matter that doctors and nurses are outraged at the lack of support and the shameful position they were put in. It will only matter that the government can spin a convincing lie and that the other voices are too fragmented to effectively challenge it. The post mortem can be dragged out and the most outragious of revelations buried under today’s news.

The Labour election result has had mainly 3 responses

  1. Let’s put the disastrous last 4 years behind us, unite and challenge the Tories
  2. We are not all happy with the result but we need to rally round our new leader, unite and challenge the Tories
  3. Shit

The fan has now come into play, the unmentionable stuff flying towards it, previously hogging the headlines. Its not surprising that our first reaction to getting test results is to hold off opening the slip or envelope. While that doesn’t change the reality it…



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